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If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me. Spend leisure time together.

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I have remained meat-free ever since. Don't have an account?

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Hi again Teresa, the site is now up again. When your around me anytime, you'll be laughing, honest straight forward kind of guy.

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Hi, I am not Bahai, but really like some of their stuff, like the virtue cards. However, this is not the case. Am drama-free, open-minded, friendly, loyal, affectionate and thoughtful. Wish to hear more articles on this subject. Obviously I am hoping that people meet, get to know each other and start a relationship that ultimately leads to marriage. Otherwise its perfect… The only obvious faith dating site is most Bahais are not ready yet to marry internationally and accept different cultures for marriage…this issue is aparent and many divorce happens because her or his culture does not fit with his.

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Some days I will simply snuggle with a blanket in front of the fireplace to read a book or watch a movie. I am dedicated to my two fold moral purpose — to grow spiritually and contribute to the advancement of society — and I would make an amazing help mate and life partner to someone along that journey.

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I think that dating and marriage are absolutely included within this framework, but information presented as it is in this article does not make that very clear. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you, Kate, for the sharing! A Sacred Experience" videos.

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In my faith dating site of view, it is wise not to enter into a relationship if any of the red flags apply. Now everything is so different…well the man thinks I didnt not ask about chastity because in my country its a normal thing men and women marry as virgins…. Their purpose must be this: The second aspect which is unique is that we ask for a lot of information from people, including the spiritual, physical and practical aspects of a person.

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C likes to explore the depths of a relationship before entering the physical side. They asked me to help and they trusted me to do it.

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Down to earth, very caring, thoughtful,understanding and faithful person. I have been searching online and have not found any material on how to deal with the past transgressions of a potential future partner in Bahai marriage?

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We also offer a free subscription option in return for you telling your friends about the site. I am an optimist, keep things simple and prefer viewing all situations positively. As it was [we] were always in the utmost state of joy and happiness.

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I find it hard to connect with people on a deeper level because there are principles that are so dear to me that I won't change my position on. A simple minded person who wishes to have as many friends as possible to associate with and to gain experience from the people i get to know.

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I like to drink and use marijuana which is legal in my state. I am an open minded person with values, loyal, persistent, resilient, problem solver, fun, and quite playful. I also sprout on my kitchen table.