Dating a colt mustang Colt Mustang

Dating a colt mustang

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Find all posts by dollerzman. Originally Posted dating offline keenkeen.

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It shot fine, it carried well. Unlike 's which go up in value as they age the Mustangs have been going down.

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Your privacy and information is SAFE with us. Have four recent production Colt pistols,Commanders 2 each and WWI repro of purchased in the past few years.

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Not sure if this information is useful to the subject but The one and only time I had a chance to look at a new one I didn't notice a difference with the quality of build, but it is good to know that the cast parts are a thing of the past. I have an older one, its the plus II model. I did on occasion drop my 'Stang and Pocketlite into my pocket but I felt like I was carrying a pocketful of change.

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Longer barrel and an extra round. PM if you want.

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I may put some leather for the Colt like this on the trader as well as Pachmayr grips for the Gov't. Honestly, I do not see the need to take it beyond a standard field strip.

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The Kahr K9 Elite However, like the Plus II it was larger than it's datings a colt mustang. Serial numbers, colt mkiv series While at it I was wondering the value of an unfired in box blued.

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Santa Clara County Posts: Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Originally Posted by 21SF. Kimber on left, Colt on right. Anyone have a value input on a pistol in stainless NIb in this model? So, the tooling that has been done for the new Colt mustang is brand new, which to me could indicate tighter tolerances and corrections being made to any old errors that were in the old toolings.

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