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I thought that the opposition between the medal of the first love lost and the necklace of Min Young "rescued" was beautifully done Poor guy really does like her, but he's never going to get her and that makes me kinda sad The way he yelled at his lackeys like that, showed Min Young seeing him fight and be angry like that actually bothered him.

Kadang kita sering menemukan download-an file. Posted June 25, Can't wait for tonight!!!!

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Hotel King Revised romanization: It was foretelling the end to his bad luck period and finally moving on with his life. One of the biggest reasons that I love this show is they don't take viewers as fool by putting all gimmicks and obvious things in screen.

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Lala, I also think Minyoung understood him but of course, was taken aback seeing him so different from his usually kind demeanor towards her. Shinui Sunmool - 14il Hangul: That's also very symbolic, pretty much saying that same thing as before.

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Tapi file tersebut pecah atau terbagi dalam beberapa bagian. But I love the fact the drama change the monologue character.

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To think he used her seonmul, the swiss knife, I think Minyoung would also be the one to help Master overcome his vendetta or whatever against Byunghoon. I hope tvN won't be too down because of this and continue to do dramas as original as this one although with their history, I'm sure they aren't dating agency cyrano download 720p to stop dating cleveland oh soon.

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Anggota Cyrano Yang lebih menghargai perasaan klien-nya ketimbang mencari keuntungan. Sooyoung is really great. Not just because he can fight but the way he handled that knife. There was something in this action that make you feel he really used it in the past.

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Menceritakan sebuah kisah para murid SMA di tahun yang melakuka By Berou Started September 5. It is usually Minyoung's monologue in every episode, showing her romanticist side towards the dating mission and now it's Ahrang. By firstnadya Started July 7, I find it's funny to find a drama which I don't really mind who will be end up with who.

Backtrack to episode 8 when he had that dream about drowning, it wasn't a memory at all. Prev Next Page of I just checked the ratings and thought they were going to tune in for Gong Yoo at least but guess they do not know what they are missing.

It is both scary and cool.

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Maybe because I'm biaised and my mind starts to play with me but never in my life, I have cried when the female character is weeping over the possible lost of her lover because heck, I knew he wasn't going to die and that it seemed to me unnecessary but there was this litte thing in Sooyoung's acting that made me cry.

Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. The dating agency cyrano download 720p shows us Ahrang's worried side towards BH's bad luck and MY's confident towards the mission to help the client.

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I fell for Moojin's character. I wanted to clear my mind and write a beautiful text but I have to get all the thoughts out of my mind XD. I don't care about these netizens' comments anymore saying they won't watch it because of her or that she isn't pretty enough and BLABLABLA because the way she acted in that scene I've maxed out Photobucket so I guess I'll upload first to tumblr before putting them here.

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You're All Surrounded literal title Romanization: He let the medallion go and instead held onto the necklace as he came out of the water. Berlatar belakang sebuah agency yang bernama Cyrano. That girl's the saving grace of everyone, I guess?

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