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I bought a car so I could work and do all the errands I need to do because I live far away from everything. I love kpop and most pop music although my taste in music is rather eclectic.

I love art, museums, long car rides, singing, going out dancing. Gay open to all kinds of men truly, but I have a soft spot for those who fall a little on the masc sidegrey ace possibly demisexual and kinky.

Please keep writing, I can't express enough how much I needed to read that the denominator in all of my failed dates isn't just because I'm me! I recently went on a couple of datings blogs tumblr with a guy who seemed perfect - attractive, family orientated, independent etc, but that ended because he said there was no 'spark'. My tumblr is fortunatewriter and my discord is c0mplicatedswag trans singles submission.

Want to know more just ask! Well I never liked you anyway. Do I seem stuck up? Not a crazy one I like to thinkbut I often struggling with just being a casual fan of things.

A blog to get trans people together, in either a friendship or in love.

Feel free to message me on here or on snap galacticcutie just lmk where you got my user from lol trans singles submission transdate. All you have to do is submit a picture of yourself and search through the tags to dating blogs tumblr your What do you do when you're losing hope? But I am in desperate need of friends who will actually talk to me somewhat frequently and I want to bond over nerdy stuff with them.

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I'm nearly 30 and most of the time I'm happily single. Nothing specific though, but toally open to more friends.

But i do write fanfic, and i do love the friends i made in fandom. From creepy guys that put you off dating, to wonderful guys who just aren't interested, to feeling low and messaging a lovely American to no avail. The more we have in common, the better. I really love Boston, biology, and anything aesthetically pleasing. Please hit me up c:.

Delaware and willing to date someone in the surrounding philly, new jersey, maryland area as well. I'm sick of getting disappointed.

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I have just recently experienced a very very hard break up. Down to earth and friendly, come chat. I have everything from screamo to show tunes, rap to country, on my phone. Im caring, understanding, sweet, and hope to put fun and happiness into your life. I draw wayyy too much, and I love messing around with makeup. Someone kind and caring, near me if possible but long distance is okay too.

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