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Dating hood rats

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African unity is workable if we embrace Africa, unity and the values not just of Africa, but the values of a higher evolved form.

So stop running game. December 8, at 9: This is not hate dear. Because we all know black women can do NO wrong. Just smarter and saner. And because these chick don't know any better you readly don't have to spend much.

Real Women vs. Hood Rats

Since you so strong-willed. To all my glorified hoodrats reading this, getting more and more pissed by the minute: Name one great "White" civ Oct '08 39 min YasharAl Voluntary Segregation? Get on this site talking that college psycho babble, trying to justify your iniquitous ways and I will bring the pain to that nigger ass shit.

I see so-called educated black women who are just as ratchet as section-8 type of females.

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I love when you ignorant clowns get on here and talk shit. And trust me, with your obesity rates, purple and red hair, and weak ass college degrees that you think makes you superior, your chances of holding on to black men are slim to none.

The people of the world I m embracing are those who seek knowledge and peace. I think Iknow why guys mess with the hood rat chicks.

A lot of these females are the way they are because of YOU. The closest thing to a concept of Satanism is the black woman and I mean it. To make matters worse, they surround themselves with like-minded females.

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Nothing weak about me at all. To them, the independent, strong, liberated woman, single mother concept is something to dating hood rats like a badge of honor. These chicks sleep with 30 dudes and try to run their slimy dating hood rats back up in the temple hiding in plain sight.

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However, the hearts of Men and Women are very important in terms of determining if they deserve or actually need help. The females in the temple are usually the most guilty ones of this behavior. If a hoodrat can do all this, I say more power to them! Not as long as THIS is the new norm. And there it is.

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You black women have a lot of competition auditioning for the services of black men. Ignorant, excuse making, weak ass black women are not my sisters at all. Good luck to him once she takes half his shit in divorce court.

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We have to stop thinking we can fix people. If you really want to be effective in spreading your message of love and respect, trying selling that to some of these sisters who spew the vilest venom against ALL black men on their interracial dating and feminist websites.

Design by Automatic Genius. I said years ago that black women are bullies. November 23, at November 24, at 3: November 15, at 6: Tell me when this thread is updated: