Dating my drug dealer Could you date a drug-dealer?

Dating my drug dealer, select as most helpful opinion?

Skip to main content. I do believe him, but he makes no effort to marry or move our commitment further. He has used drugs and dealt in the past, he now just wants to come back buy a gun and deal again.

10 things to consider BEFORE you date a drug dealer

Also unless he is super geeked out he is always so sweet to me. This article is spot on.

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A seriously ill looking girl who needs a doctor More than another line. Found out he slept with yet another girl. One day he forgot to take it in the bathroom with him n it just kept ringing so I picked it up to take it to him there was a picture of him naked with a woman giving him oral sex I was shocked and she kept calling…. I have been involved with a dealer for a few months now. Right at the top is never say no to a sale.

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You have no idea, like the way these guys think, and plan, and scheme, and retaliate, I could honestly write a movie. But it won't be: My boyfriend is a dd and we had starte ddating 3 weeks ago and im kind of scared bc i know nothing about that life and im learning pretty quick. If you have comments, or a true story to tell, email us at Planet rock dating website latimes. In short, ignoring your girlfriend in favor of making a tiny bit of profit isn't cool, even if you do it all in a Golf GTI and an inexplicably expensive pair of jeans.

She's from a wealthy family, being the youngest of 3 children her parents packed up their bags and left the country to protect their daughter.

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He was always so aware. Currently all of the dating my drug dealer swarming inside of our house is ridiculous. One Monday morning I threw on the jacket I'd been wearing over the weekend and headed to a local courthouse to sit in on a trafficking case. Hello weird stares from coworkers the next day!


Trust me I worried day and night about him. I just ended a almost 10 month relationship with a dealer.

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Sometimes I am a little late yes. And I do have a great time doing those things. Yes yes it is an experience and an education. And other girls like me.


Or maybe everyone is really meant to pack a brown bag lunch and stare at their computer screen as a way to make an earnest living. So then trust issues begin to start. I guess my question isis there more I can read up on like this this is the only dating my drug dealer that is right on point.

He tried to make up for all the time lost but I still hated him for putting us through hell for all those years.

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You know what he was the most? It made me crazy jealous.

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He was in love with me and i am wifey… but he cheats like all the time… so Im just over it. What Girls Said I dont mind him being a DD and a user. But the crazy thing about this whole situation is my grandparents like him my mom and my friends but i just cant shake that worry girlfriend syndrome….

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Make it clear you will resolve your own issues though you might appreciate his general good intentions.