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I'm not rich, but I have a nice car and can afford some toys for myself.

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I decided if I really wanted to pull myself out of the comfortable rut of "7" the best thing I could do is talk to the people who are doing the relationship thing better than I am.

I can go on a dating not worth the effort several times in a week, and be ok, but the rest of the time, I hardly talk to anyone in person.

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Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. A girl with daddy issues might hop in the sack with you faster, but she will also be faster to flip from angel to demon and eject when uncomfortable feelings surface.

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While all this might be cheesy, I guess I'm just trying to say that your post is pretty pessimistic and that while I can understand why, and I'm not saying you shouldn't feel that way, I'd still try to stay open to possibilities and to optimism and not shut it all out. It's all pretty scary if you ask me. I have a close circle of friends whom I fill my social needs with.

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Even then, if the wife has a job how about taking your man out every once in awhile? I have the same kind of care and affection for them as I would for any friend, and we hang out, and talk and do each other favors, and so on. I agree with you too, all that shit is not fun.

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As a resident of the greater NYC area, I do understand what you are talking about with regards to the northeast. Just as the gods of Olympus before her, her survival was dependent on the worship of those below…therein lied the danger.

I think this lack of commitment is just part of the society we live in.

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I can easily see a lot of aspects of life becoming more complicated though. Maybe date people that you're friends with first You sound like you know a lot of what you don't want. First off, asking a girl out on an actual date can be stressful because of the possibility of rejection.

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My ideal relationship would be one that's long-term, but casual at the same time. Aug 10, Messages: I find myself tempted to just give up on heterosexual dating because it's such an expensive headache that isn't going to give me this grand prize the other men are looking for.

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I easily spend hours a week in the gym.