Dating uk car registrations Number Plate Formats Explained

Dating uk car registrations, registration letter codes.

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The easiest way to remember this is to think of March as the year and September as the year plus However I hope it is of some interest, I've used this information repeatedly to help identify some of the vintage car photos that appear on the site.

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For more information on the rules visit the official DVLA website. No other symbols or flags can be displayed on number plates.

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The last three characters would originally have been able to identify the area of the country in which the registration was issued in the above example the WTB indicates that this registration would have been released in Liverpool. For the first time in UK mainland registrations the letter Z was allowed as a character in the last three letters - but not in the prefix.

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Age identifier The two numbers in the middle show the age of the vehicle down to a six month period - March to August or September to February. Is it worth waiting until March or September to buy a new car? And the number is simply a way of uniquely identifying one registration from the possible alternatives with the same prefix and suffix combinations that could be out there.

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All of these styles of registration follow the rule that they cannot be assigned to vehicles that were manufactured before their date of issue. A search through this section of the oldclassiccar site should dating uk car registrations with researching an older car's history.

Failure to replace such number plates may result in keepers risking prosecution.

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They do, however, come with a history attached to them and you can be sure that the reg you're buying will be one of only a small number of similar reg still on the roads.

How does the number plate system work?

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You can easily work out how old a vehicle is once you understand the way the 'age identifier' changes over time. Shortly after, in Septemberthe current format number plate was introduced, made up of three parts: The DVLA says the format will be reviewed and updated again in The two prefix letters of this registration would originally have been used to identify the area of the country in which the registration was issued in the dating uk car registrations example the SK indicates that this registration would have been released in Scotland, most likely from the Edinburgh DVLA Vehicle Registration Office.

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The three digits are random numbers. DLG in particular was used on five separate occasions during the period this data covers. New Style registrations are those which follow the format of a two letter prefix in the above example the SKfollowed by a two digit year identifier the 54 above and finally three more letters MPK.

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