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Because treating individual people as a monolithic group that you collectively accept or reject denies them the right to be viewed and judged as individuals. Links MUST be accompanied by a summary. To take one of the most obvious and simple examples, consider Hollywood, which is notoriously white. Why is preferring your own race considered racist?

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Except for this one, teensy, tiny exception: Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5. Based on that you wouldn't know I've also had crushes on a wide spectrum of races.

Because she WILL ask.

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So when I ask my clients who their celebrity crush is, they pick white people. A more sensible course of action would be to do our part to expand the boundaries of the in-group. But you can develop awareness and create a new pattern.

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AskWomen benefits from honest answers with a variety of perspectives. If I lived in the Philippines would it be racist of me to only date Filipino men? To further that goal, we have a few I actually only want to date white people.

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In The American Non-DilemmaNancy DiTomaso argues that persistent racial inequality in the United States is not solely or even primarily a reflection of racism and discrimination. Unfortunately, most people feel like attraction is out of their control. I only date indian because I don't have to explain the whole being indian thing to them.

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No it wouldn't, because the majority of the Philippines is occupied with, guess what, Filipino people! I see reasons such as I'm just not attracted to them but is that really possible to not find another race attractive at all? I thought usually sometimes personality makes the person more attractive as well as getting to know them from the inside first. People can have preferences without being racist.

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Minority users are encouraged to answer the question as it applies to themselves. Expanding my horizons led me to uncover that in dating your own ethnicity to live the life I've envisioned, I must also leave behind my upbringing and therefore a portion of my culture. Pool of Potential Spouses a Factor The likelihood of choosing a marriage partner of another race or ethnic group is also influenced by the available pool of people of the appropriate age and with a similar educational background, because most people marry someone close in age and educational level.

While men can still offer input, if your view conflicts with a woman's, we ask that you do not downvote or invalidate her response. One prime reason is that the population is becoming increasingly diverse—culturally, ethnically, and racially.

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Like the OP said the thing is I grew up in the burbs in LA so growing up in the early 90's my dad forbid me listening to rap doing any type of rap hand movements. That said I am someone who will date outside of my race, because I have met a lot of fantastic non-white girls with fantastic figures and great personalities and with so many great women around, I couldn't just limit myself to my own race.

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Am I judging people as much as I can, based on not the color of their skin, but the content of their character? No linking to specific threads in other forums. Different races have distinct facial features or skin tones and I full believe people can find those unattractive without being racist.

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IMHO that's indeed the racist mindset. Will the more tolerant attitudes people express toward intermarriage be matched by actual intermarriage rates?

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In dating your own ethnicity, more Americans have personal experience with intermarriages involving their families, friends, and work colleagues, which lends a normalcy to these unions. It just seems baffling and completely ignorant. And, as sociologist Dan Lichter points out, the biggest increase appears to be within minority groups. Step into the world of weird news.

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Most people appear willing to date outside their race, but they still state preferences.