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Shopping Cart 0 items. You may need to try other baud rates -for instance.

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I used this sketch https: This makes everything easy, as we can connect the two parts together as it will be shown in the later picture. These are the pins for comunication.

Step 1: THE ESP8266

The pressure sensor MPLA2 has four pins: Serial Communications with the ATtiny FOr the communication is a liitle bit trickier. I had also checked the voltages with multimeter before connecting to the esp module.

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Introduction: ESP8266 Wi Fi Module Explain and Connection

You could use the FTDI method here or purchase a logic level shifter like this https: I'm finishing high school now and I'm planing to make a new version of the tutorial for esp along with measuring as in my weather station project. Hi, To check the possibility of esp burning out, i bought a new esp module today.

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Screen Reader Compatibility Information Due to the method this document is displayed on the page, screen readers may not read the content correctly. Now turn on the Thing and hit the run button on Blynk. I didn't noticed it when I bought this part, but hookup I got it I hookup, that it has a hookup to switch the operation from 5V to 3.

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GeeksTipsDotCom author Reply A simple Python matplotlib implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Your Account Log In Register.

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I also didn't manage to make the device work by following other's people steps. Conclusion I think this module is great value for the money.

So, you can hookup that pin or a pad and connect it to the pins like normal. We connect these two in series with TX pin of the communicator to 1k resistor and GND to the 2k resistor. I'm glad it helped you started. This device comunicates via AT comments http: When it comes to baud rate you have 2 choises. I also soldered an extra connector for the 3. A very practical way of putting your sensors on the Internet.

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I'm going to connect it with android phone through TCP. SasikumarP author Reply The sessions below use CoolTerm.

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You should be able to 1 see the current room temprature give it some time to converge and the pressure, and 2 turn on the LED by clicking the button in Blynk.

So here is how I hooked up my ESP