Firewire hookup No Firewire Port on Computer

Firewire hookup

There is no such thing as a firewire to usb or usb to firewire converter.

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Then the writer goes on to say "A Firewire to USB adapter cable for transferring digital video DV IS available from at least one manufacturer, but it can be expensive and difficult to find. Recent Forum Topics CineLove, a new streaming Is there a Firewire to USB adapter available? Just make sure you match up the number of PCI pins in the slot on your MoBo with the card you're looking to get.

Possible To Digitize Video I didn't originally recognize it as such. Is there any way to hookup my videos to this new hookup If you go analog from your camera to computer, then your video quality is dependent on how good your camera's video hardware is.

Just my two cents, hope this helps. Social Media Videos - How Can I record video to my Mac Camcoder with high frame rate Best dating websites germany 1.

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Anything I should look out for? Here's a spot where you can get a controller card without going broke:. Unless you are horrifically clumsy or have no mechanical gene whatsoever, installing an expansion card is fairly easy. Unfortunately my new computerdoes not have a Firewire port to connect to.

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Which Video Making Software Make sure your hookup is compatible with 32 or bit operating systems or at least has the latest drivers to be downloaded that will make it so.

I did some more research on the web and re-looked at my desktop and I think I may have a PCI Express slot availableafter all.


There are plenty of those with firewire. There will probably be some potential for information degradation not image, per se, as it is a digital thing and not analog we're talking about and most definitely, unless you're going from firewire to usb3, well probably most definitely, a slower connection and that might have some negative effect on your editing efforts. Skip to main content.

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If your new computer is a desktop, you might be able to plug a card reader type device directly into your motherboard. Why does a combo card defeat the purpose as H Wolfgang states?

Here's a spot where you can get a controller card without going broke: You can't do it, and here's how you can do it?

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Thanks again for the advice. Nikon D How to remotely Question is, how well does any of these work?

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It also does not have a spare PCI slot to add a Firewire card. Anybody have experience with the PCI Express cards?

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