Genevieve and d banj dating Genevieve and d banj dating

Genevieve and d banj dating

Genevieve Nnaji Confirms She Is Dating D'banj - Celebrities - Nairaland

Even if they are or not dating, it is a personal thing and only D'Banj can answer that. I am just pissed that guys publish what can't be substantiated. Although D'Banj had travelled to United States when R called him, a spokesperson of Abbey, Wale, would not comment on the state of things with the musician and the actress "I am not D'Banj. He is in US now.

A lady who picked R's call to Genevieve confirmed that the lady was pregnant, but wouldn't mention who was responsible. BournIdentity - kixme 51 - ruthie 45 - kacylee 16 - bayonel3 16 - felicilin 14 - Ajenifuja1 12 - fineboy77 11 - gogoman 10 - Wazubia 10 - Godpet 8 - kaposky 6 - clarajancita 6 - genevieve and d banj dating 5 - freethinker 4 - nametalkam 4 - xspraise 4 - PenisNpussy 4 - benosky4 3 - maizaxx 3.

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They are just friends," she said. Login To Write A Comment. The general public had been made to believe that theirs was a relationship made from Heaven as both attended public events hand-in-hand.

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Lately though, D'Banj, who wanted more from the actress than the N2 million she allegedly collected from appearing in the video of "Fall In Lov," was said to have approached the actress on the possibility of having a serious thing going on between the two.

She preferred for them to be just friends, which the Kokomaster did not want. Words had it that the actress, reportedly pregnant for the musician, had recently denied being pregnant for D'Banj and also denied dating him.

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I didn't know for whom though. Not only that, I will expect the actress too to tell me that she is, indeed, pregnant for D'Banj. Talk Entertainment The Buzz Central. He left on Tuesday," he responded.

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She told him the pregnancy belonged to another. For Aare though, the actress is expected to keep him informed on what's going on.

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She later described D'Banj as a caring and loving friend. As for her after reported relationship with the musician, it is all a hype. He dey threaten young girls.

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It hit him hard," R source said. As at this moment, I can authoritatively tell you that the two are still dating "As for the purported pregnancy, I expect D'Banj to come and tell me he has put Genevieve in the family way. Both even on different occasions informed the media that they were in a cordial relationship, but the actress, being the older of the two, played safe by not committing herself on the extent both had gone in the purported love affair.