Hook up bathroom sink drain How to Plumb a Bathroom Vanity Sink Drain

Hook up bathroom sink drain

If the distance to the tailpiece is smaller, cut the tailpiece level with the pipe opening with a hacksaw.

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Hook up the tailpiece to the P-trap beneath the sink. Wrap a rag around the tailpiece before you grip it with the pliers to protect the finish.

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If the distance is greater, you may have to replace the tailpiece with a longer one. Most connecting slip nuts tighten by hand, but if there are metal connecting nuts, you will need to use adjustable pliers.

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Use the thinner washer if the trap and tailpiece have the same diameters. Slide only one side of the u-shaped spring clip onto the end of the pivot rod.

Installing the Pipes

Connecting the Sink It's always easier to preinstall the faucet and drain onto a sink before installing the sink so you don't have to do these procedures while lying on your back. Press the putty beneath the drain flange, keeping the integrity of the rope shape.

About the Author Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. If your measurements are off or you don't tighten connections properly, the pipes will leak.

It's always easier to preinstall the faucet and drain onto a sink before installing the sink so you don't have to do these procedures while lying on your back. After connecting the pop-up stopper, the sink should be ready to use.

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Then slide the other side of the spring clip onto the rod behind the clevis strap to hold it on the rod. All modern sink drains come ready to connect to either a metal or PVC drainpipe. He specializes in do-it-yourself projects, household and auto maintenance and property management.

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Drop the strainer into the hole in the bottom of the sink with the tailpiece extending down. The rod will move the clevis strap, the pivot rod and the stopper up and down.

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Overview The supply, drain and vent pipes for the sink tie into the system of pipes already servicing your bathroom, and the difficulty of the rough-in depends on the system's overall configuration. Tighten all of the slip nuts and test for leaks.

Insert the hook up bathroom sink drain rod into the stopper hole in the back of the tailpiece. In the second, or hook up bathroom sink drain, phase, you hook the sink and faucet to the stub-outs. Slide a drain washer over the tailpiece. Attach the clevis strap to the stopper lift rod on the sink.

Attaching the Sink Stopper

You should see a threaded strainer with a gasket and nut, and a tailpiece -- a short length of pipe that extends down from the drain under the sink. Unscrew the nut from the inlet of the P-trap, and remove it and the plastic washer inside. They will also come in a kit that includes the clevis, nuts, washers hook up in walthamstow spring clips, to hook them up to any sink.

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The job is easier than doing the rough-in plumbing that produced the stub-out, but it still calls for care. Yalanovsky also writes a bimonthly column that provides home improvement advice. After finishing this adjustment, fully tighten both the retaining nut and the clevis-lift rod attachment nut with your fingers.