Hook up bathtub drain How to Install a New Bathtub

Hook up bathtub drain

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Insert the blade of a large screwdriver between the handles of the pliers and use it as a lever to tighten the drain flange. Open the access panel that hides the tub drain rough-in.

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Click here to share your story. The drain-waste-overflow pipe assembly must be positioned correctly.

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Cookies make wikiHow better. What should the distance be from finished wall to the edge of the tub?

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Give them another half turn with the slip-joint pliers. Disconnect all the piping and pry the old bathtub out.

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Does Removing a Bathtub Destroy the Tile? Tell us more about it?

Anatomy of a Bathtub

Drain flanges come in many different finishes and have a variety of stopper options. Make sure it is level. Apply plumber's putty or silicone caulk to the underside of the top section of the drain and push it into the drain hole on the tub.

Clean any putty off the bathtub immediately to avoid having it dry and stick to the tub surface. You may even have to walk it in literally a millimeter at a time on either end.

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Drains Maintenance Shower and Bath Maintenance. Some tubs still have the lift and turn style of drain.

Do it yourself plumbing information and education

First, here is a quick overview of the drain assembly, so you know how all of the parts connect. Then use your wrench to tighten, by one quarter of a turn. If you can pry up the bucket with the attached rod, you may be able to clean it up.

Feed the trip lever assembly through the overflow hole in the back of the hook up bathtub drain. Need help figuring out how to remove the old bath tub drain flange first?

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What do I attach my bathtub bracket to? Fasten the trip lever assembly to the tub overflow cover plate. See our privacy policy for more information.