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Mass effect 2 hook up with miranda

After the Shadow Broker has been defeatedif Shepard brings Liara aboard the Normandy to catch up, she asks Shepard what he's fighting for, and if it is for the future of humanity as evidenced by "the perfect Miss Lawson". Apr 20, Regardless of gender, Shepard can also have a sexual encounter with Sha'iraan asari consort.

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Miranda taunts how he's stooped to killing kids now that even women seemed to be too difficult for him, and while Torthak's attention is on her Jacob takes the shot that puts a bullet through his chest. A soldier who served as a gunnery chief on Eden Prime.

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On their way out they're stopped by the sight of Torthak holding a familiar street urchin hostage. There will also be a slightly longer dialogue between the two before the last set of battles on Earth.

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This way you can avoid losing loyalty to either character. Completing the romance subplot unlocks the Paramour Achievement. However, if Shepard dumps someone who is 'locked in', that romance option will never be available.

The Illusive Man agrees, but tells her not to worry as he mass effect 2 hook up with miranda has a use for her. As in the first game, Mass Effect 2 gives you the opportunity to pursue romantic relationships with your teammates. But that's just me. Nov 26, Messages: Remove the custom ad blocker rule s and the page will load as expected.

Miranda Lawson

If Shepard sides with Miranda or resolves the situation impartially, then the relationship will continue. Evidently, Miranda has advanced far enough to become one of the few in the organization, much less the galaxy, that meets and answers directly to the Illusive Man, who appreciates her abilities. Miranda then assists Jacob from his ship during his investigations. Rasa doesn't buy it and insists on more disclosure. Doing so will allow Shepard to court one of the other subjects and the intimate scene normally seen before proceeding through the Omega 4 Relay will instead play as soon as the dialogue ends.

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Another way to permanently terminate a romance with Jack or Miranda is to complete both their loyalty missions without having enough Paragon points or Renegade points to avoid siding with one or the other of them. When Liara asks what will the boss do about Feron, Miranda answers that the drell knew the risks and if Liara wants to go after him, that's her business and suggests that she do what she wants.

Miranda angrily pries into Rasa's reasons for deserting, who replies she is taking her life back.

He's disquieted about the existence of human slaves and calls Cerberus out for ignoring the issue. However, once a partner is 'dumped', they cannot be courted again. However, since Morinth is an Ardat-Yakshi, she will kill Shepard during the romance scene which will result in a critical mission failure. Once a potential relation is at the 'challenge' part, there is no way to express disinterest in them no matter what Shepard choose.

I went neutral and ended the fight right then and there. Should Shepard choose to answer favorably at that time, the dialog options for other love interests will change. Should Miranda not be spoken to before Cerberus' attack on the Citadel, Miranda will still send Shepard a message to contact her via the Communications Console in the Spectre Office in the Citadel Embassies.

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Does anyone else feel that Miranda is among the hottest video game characters of all time? Shepard's records are in the Spectre offices on the Citadel.

If he's interested, she promises to arrange a meeting between him and the Illusive Man. Sign In Don't have an account?