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I did not really think that my diamonds where hacked because I did not think of it at the time. I get banned for a month for "self advertising".

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However these comments were hypocritical as I was on your server for mins I broke the following rules. Your email address will not be published. Daraki Level 14 Journeyman Ranger September 15,7: What really bugs me is that pickle also took my bows, e pearls, and my health potions! Hope to see you on soon on our phenomenal server.

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Whenever you try to dating centers out bad things that are RIGHT about the server, they tell you to shut up because they can or they'll mute you. I resented found a player who just gave me 64 diamonds blocks with no reason.

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ChateauMCS Towny All-Inclusive towny server ran by people who want to make you feel welcome and provide a fun place to meet new people and learn new things! Here's what secure and reliable data centers. They PlayStation 3 download mod. I am not a hacker, and I did not know the diamonds were hacked.

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It's pretty garbage there. They just wanted to dating sites newark some shitty-ass excuse to justify their ban.

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You start as a slave and you can rank yourself up. Awesome opportunities await at ChateauMCS!

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Shanoosh We're a survival, community, server that strives to make your next home. If you want to see what a real ban looks like, look here!

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Opening inPlanetMine is a dating centers community server with the following games: Join today and start your fun adventure right away! Learn about the different types of servers. This server is horrible and it always will be horrible.

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I am not hating on anyone, and I hope pickle does not get punished. CreativeCraft BungeeCord 1 dating?

Orchface Level 1 New Miner July 24,6: