Quinn and santana hook up scene Is “Glee” going there with Quinn and Santana?

Quinn and santana hook up scene

Brittany didn't get back together with Santana because she wanted her to follow her dreams in NYC. Riese, I really appreciate that you put Glee in its historical context.

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MercedesRacheland Tina. In the choir room, Santana calls Quinn her home girl.

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You May Also Like Diana Agron is the most gorgeous girl on TV I reckon. Contents [ show ]. During SpotlightQuinn and Santana can be seen talking to each other. That's when some friends pointed her to a since deleted Instagram post by Brianna which said: Basically the moral is that Portlandia, of all shows, has better gay relations and is sexier than Modern Family or Glee.

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They surprise Rachel and then went straight to business. AS not a glee fan; i believed that Quinn and Santana scene need to be a rating or introduce their relationship in a future.

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This seems blatantly discriminatory, considering that none of the heterosexual interactions were cut and reflects poorly on the network. That was the best comment ever!


They left that in. This was a real mess of an episode. So that scene with Quinntana? Santana hints that she and Quinn are not that close anymore, considering they don't speak anymore even though Quinn lives an hour away. The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.

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Log in to Reply. During the song, Quinn stands with the and hook up scene of Santana, starting to cry and putting her arm around her as they smile at each other.

It is still boundary-breaking but no one is going to lose their job over it, far from it.

I came out a couple years before the Internet crashed into our lives and like many of us, my teen coming out process was full of feelings. The focus is on her character and on them being best friends.

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The Purple Piano Project. This really, actually, no joke happened last night! I hate you show!

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If anyone else had done that scene.