Sm yg dating scandal dispatch Sm yg dating scandal

Sm yg dating scandal dispatch

You are all I have. Many K-Pop fans dread hearing news that may confirm relationships involving their favorite idols. Inb4 YG debuts them. No, but it's the only possible name combo?

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YG Entertainment also stood behind Park Bom during recent allegations that the 2NE1 was involved in a prescription drug smuggling case. Aside from the photos and relationship timeline presented by Dispatch, the most newsworthy aspect of this story is the statement provided by YG Entertainment.

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Log in Sign up 1. What does the release of information by Dispatch and the way that is handled have to do with the differences in policies shown by YG Entertainment verses SM Entertainment? Does the story released by Dispatch make you think differently about G-Dragon and his alleged relationship with Kiko Mizuhara?

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The lax reaction for YG Entertainment regarding G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara may seem wishy-washy but it is a brilliant move to retaliate the schoolyard bully tactics of Dispatch. Find Out Who They Are!

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Krystal Soojung Male with Tae: They had a scandal. So that means that the possible combos include: In the case of YG Entertainment, there has been a widely known dating ban imposed on 2NE1 and the members of Big Bang have not publicly acknowledged relationships. This is gonna help winner image and hurt SM. While the Dispatch expose may bring fans closer to the truth of the relationship between G-Dragon and Kiko, it is apparent that YG Entertainment will not release confirmation until G-Dragon is ready for that news to be delivered.

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Taeyang's name isn't even Taeyang. It seems really possible for Krystal and Taehyun. Fuck I love papa. Hyeri was ruined, now Krystal. JK it's Krystal and Taehyun.

Dispatch only follows SM, not YG?

It's not another member of SNSD, i'm so disappointed. G-DragonKiko MizuharaT.

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These sm yg datings scandal dispatch thanked Gyoshido for the post total 6: Jac Apr 06, 8: God that picture is so hot I'll tell her you said that after we scissor, you jelly? Wait so was it confirmed that it's Krystal and Taehyun? It's not Taeyeon, since the guy is Speed dating vernon.