Tori and beck dating wattpad Tori and Beck

Tori and beck dating wattpad

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Tori and Beck shared some moments together and it seems pretty obvious they might have feelings for each other especially since they did a performance of "Finally F Did he kiss back? All the difficulties and the lies they went through.

I love this kind off stuff All four: As I got up and stood inches away from his face, I could feel my heartbeat start to accelerate.

Chapter 7 Revenge

No, I loved you, loved you, but you're the one that made me feel this way. We all made up a reason so you two can "Date". I haven't seen Beck so aggravated since Jade and his break-up. I laughed lightly and joined the others outside.

Bori Story (Beck and Tori): A teenage romance

Oh so where is she now? Tori and Beck both quickly tore apart and blushed.

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Tori we need to talk! She felt tears on her face so she ran away before everybody saw her.

I still love him So for the remaining minutes we should be in class. So how'd it go?

I was just wrapped up in my thoughts," I said. He was one of the best guys I knew, one of the best people I had the pleasure of being friends torus and beck dating wattpad.

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I was nonchalantly tapping away at my Pear Phone when I saw Beck walking forward with his head bent and a frustrated look. Going to class but don't talk to her ok?

Just a Kiss; Chapter 1:

Maybe is one of Jade's plans Tori: Tori smiles and huged him Beck: But you love me? The First of Many Table of contents. Okay, so please rate and comment!! Andre made sure the rest of the gang were still inside before speaking.

Victorious (Bori) - Friends Confess #2

Jade and Beck were perfect for each other but compared to Bori? I grabbed hold of her and our lips were millimetres away. I know you love her Beck: Their Parents died in a car accident and so the sisters live with their uncle Sikowitz. Yeah I was talking to her seconds ago Beck: Read this story for FREE!