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TIm January 24th, We do have a lot of differences, but he really does balance out me a lot. I need your insight on the pisces man. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be dating an older man pros and cons. Both are quiet people, sometimes lacking in self confidence, and both have an interest in spirituality, alternative health and the mystical realms.

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It was a serious blow which ended our relationship. I have been dating a Pisces guy for 3yrs now and Im a Virgo. Cautious Connection Aquarius Moon Compatibility: Although he does not admit it, I believe his self-esteem is low most of the time because of his financial situation, and his inability to provide for me in the way in which I provide for my self, although he will never admit it.

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Please see our Virgo Relationship or Pisces Relationship pages for additional relationship and compatibility information. InnerBeauty07 September 19th, To fully live in the present and be able to adequately plan for the future we seriously need to release the past and stand firmly in the present and prepare to step assertively in the future.

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Im trying to be patient but its like I can't get thru to him. He makes time for me and encourages me to be a better person. I am a Teenage girl Virgo and my boyfriend is a Teenage Pisces I love him with all of my heart and he does the same in return although I am always scared he is cheating on me or something of the sort.

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For Virgo woman and Pisces man love is an act of endless forgiveness, a tender look which becomes their habit. Her constant worrying is due to her need to make the Pisces man happy. The most intelligent zodiac of them all.

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We can't get enough of each other. Neither of us are ready to announce to the word we are committed. I appreciated the fact that he was busy, so the fact that he never visited me wasn't an issue. He said so many awful things to me, admitted to using me, and treated me like I was subhuman when I treated him with nothing but kindness, love, and respect.

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She is quite self-sufficient and does not have time for unwarranted emotions but she does have a need for affection. Don't shut down on her, respond. Will that prove to be the case here, or will this couple find their relationship hard to sustain?

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Personal relationship advice based on your natal and composite charts. In relationships I like to be able to put everything out on the table 1st, and I try to stay far from the blind side as possible.

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