Who is caroline from vampire diaries dating The Vampire Diaries Cast: Who’s Dated Who?

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Just as she is going to leave to find someone to help her, Caroline appears in front of her and calls Stefan, with a confused April before her.

Caroline was seen later seen when Elena became upset and was about to burn the house. A hundred years from now, I will remember this moment for the both of us.

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On the road Stefan tells her about his niece Sarah and he trusts Caroline with his secret. Caroline warns him to be careful before he loses everything. Stefan got out of the box and he hinted to her that all was well and that it had worked, Caroline hugged him very happy. She thinks Tyler is hiding from his werewolf gene at Whitmore.

As Elena heads for her alleged ex-boyfriend Damon comes up behind Caroline asking what is Elena's problem.

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Later, when Caroline and the others are celebrating the imminent death of Katherine, Stefan asks them to knock it off or take it somewhere else because them are being insensitive. A few days later, Stefan and Caroline still cannot make physical contact and try to convince two of the heretics, Mary Louise and Nora, to siphon the spell off of Caroline.

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After the sunlight is shut out, the steel contraptions cut into her skin and her burns fail to heal. In Gods and MonstersCaroline and Stefan finally set aside their tension due to their dating-history and work together to help Bonnie escape from her Supernatural Huntress side.

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Stefan says Damon told him he will. They became really close by Season Four. She knew about vampires and and I — what did you do?

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Grams say that witches talk, even on the other side. After a while Stefan became aware that Caroline's feelings for him had turned romantic and made several attempts to reconcile, but their friendship remained strained.

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The series was an immediate success with the series premiere reaching 4. She has her " game face " on with black eyes and baring fangs.

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