Wnir dating show The WNIR Dating Show: Your Well-Lit Public Area or Mine?

Wnir dating show


Retrieved from " https: If the caller passed the initial sniff test, he would be put on hold while another caller went through the process.

WNIR began internet audio streaming of its programming on January 2,and launched an improved website. The Dating Show became 4 hours of the most riveting local radio ever produced, since there was every chance you knew either the caller or the prospective suitors personally. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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See the Akron and Summit convention and visitors bureau. Finally a few legitimate calls did get through and he was able to arrange an off-air number exchange between Denise and a man from the progressive city of Akron, Ohio. Read this story for FREE!

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These were often cold calls, with only a 5 second digital delay button standing between them and the general public. For those of us listening to the drama unfold over the air, it was a useful object lesson on the hazards of setting up blind dates for a living. Klaus lured a young Howie Chizek from Youngstown to host a five-hour midday talk show, changing the station's history forever. This name will be used to credit you for things you share on Reddit. Jim chatted with Denise for an unusually long time, which apparently gave Denise the courage to divulge something very personal about her life.

Jim mentioned meeting Denise on a later show, noting that she was a very striking woman, and most people would never guess she once had a different set of equipment. As for WNIR, they simply pretended the show had never existed.

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Now, talk stations on FM are fairly common, many of them aimed at younger audiences. The five second delay button got friction burns as Jim dutifully worked his way through the ineligible callers. Sometimes the clicking sound we heard was Jim killing out an obscenity-laced rant or adolescent callers who were clearly not in it to win it. What should we call you? However, this wasn't always the case, and one night Jim nearly paid the ultimate price for introducing the wrong two people.

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One Dating Show story revolved around a contestant we shall call Denise. WNIR's weekday schedule consists primarily of locally hosted programming. They didn't even have anything lined up to take its place.

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Apparently the first date did not go well at all, since one of them was not a manic depressive psychopath with anger management issues. Eventually the man and his codependent dating an alcoholic were detained on the road which led to the WNIR studio. You must create an account or log in to dating show on posts on Reddit.

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The mental picture I had in my head was a switchboard filled with blinking lights suddenly going dark. By all accounts, the show was phenomenally popular.

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Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Quite possible, as I was in college at the time, and didn't read the paper regularly. After Jim and Kerry were through with the first interview, he would open the phone lines to prospective suitors.

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WNIR remains unique in this day and age dominated by syndicated talk radio with live local programming from morning to night. A candidate over the age of 18 would call the WNIR studio number, dating show he or she might speak with a dating show before being put on hold for the actual show. WNIR does not broadcast in stereo.

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I suppose the reason for Game Radio's demise could have been as simple as the ratings not being as strong as I thought, just a fad that faded away.

The other one decided that the Dating Show must pay for putting him together with a woman who did not drink his favorite brand of crazy juice. Owned by Media-Com, Inc. The man continued to issue threats against the Dating Show while being escorted to the Kent city jail. Chizek died June 17,in Florida at the start of his annual trip to Disney World with underprivileged children. Longtime NE Ohio radio personality and newspaper writer Jim Isabella was then brought in to fill the timeslot.