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Xkcd speed dating

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Many of the recent contributors, listed above, have just joined. As you keep adding water, the Sun will go through a lot of wacky fusion phases.

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But the "translation" of the description reveals that it is a vastly insecure person who seems to have the problem of saying the wrong thing every time and so their profile description is a way for them to justify their comments. But speed dating importantly, the extra mass also makes the Sun heavier.

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The comic's feature may be based on the context menu option of the Google Chrome web browser to have a foreign language webpage translated to the user's selected native language. We need explanations for comicscharactersthemes and everything in between. In the first Superman movie, Superman flies around Earth so fast that it begins turning in the opposite direction.

Go to this comic explanation. If Michael Phelps could hold his breath indefinitely, how long would it take for him to reach the lowest point in the ocean and back if he swam straight down and then straight back up?

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One speed dating hannover dateyork news item regarding Twitter, near the comic's publishing time, is that a rogue employee of the Twitter company, on the last day of his job, banned the speed dating Twitter profile of U. Create your account here. Your ad here, right now: You can do it too! This explanation may be incomplete or incorrect: Please only submit material directly related to and helping everyone better understand xkcd During this lovely dinner I was forced to liberate a small portion of wind and was relieved that I managed to do so very discretely.

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Welcome to the explain xkcd wiki! Superman wasn't exerting a force on the Earth. The Earth changed direction because we were watching time run backward as he traveled.

Below about meters, divers become jittery and excitable especially if the pressure increase is rapidand at the same time begin slipping in and out of sleep. Her kitchen had something called Bauhaus chairs, which are full of holes, approx millimeters in diameter in both back and seat. The title of this comic is "Defensive Profile".

Help us finish them! And please add links to the mentioned comics.

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We were both luckily amazed and surprised and I have often wondered what the odds are for something like that happening. This comic not only illustrates such a feature, but implies that the "translated" thoughts are what's actually going on behind posts of these types on social media, as if Randall can actually read those people's minds somehow.

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There are a lot of comics that don't have set-in-stone explanations; feel free to put multiple interpretations in the wiki page for each comic. The style of the profile showcased in the comic resembles the profiles of the popular social media website Twitter, which while the user is logged in, shows the user's own profile on the left side of the page in a similar style to the comic, with their picture on the left side of their name, their Twitter handle under their name which explains the extra line of text under the name and their "bio" right below those.

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President Donald Trump it was undone 11 minutes later.